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As Holmes and Watson start to discuss whether or not it will be a good idea to enter into their proposed enterprise, each one mentions some of the possible obstacles to a harmonious relationship. Which of these potential sources of friction do they discover they share? Conducting chemical experiments. Playing the violin.

Smoking strong tobacco. Tendency to depression. In the early part of his journal, Watson records that he is intrigued by the stream of visitors received by Holmes - his friends seem to come from a wide range of backgrounds! Eventually this is explained when Holmes divulges the nature of his occupation, as a professional consulting detective. Shortly thereafter, Holmes receives a note asking for his assistance in the solution of an apparent murder in an empty house at 3, Lauriston Gardens, off the Brixton Road.

Who sent this message? Greg Lestrade. John Rance. Enoch Drebber. Tobias Gregson. Inside the house, there is a lot of blood, although the dead man does not seem to have sustained any injury. What letters are written on the wall in blood, in a dark corner that was overlooked during the first investigation of the scene?

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After the discovery of the message, Holmes proceeds to conduct a detailed examination of the room. This is the first time we see him using an investigative instrument that is indelibly associated with him. What aid to careful examination of the scene does he pull out of his pocket?

Metal detector. Pair of tweezers. Magnifying glass.

Sherlock Holmes Quiz

Inspector Gregson arrives in triumph to tell Holmes that he has made an arrest in the case. Whom has he taken into custody? Arthur Charpentier. Alice Charpentier. Joseph Stangerson. Now it is your turn. Watson in which they discuss an upcoming client or case real or made up , something about their past together, or a past case.

Dialogue between you and a character from the canon. You can get to know each other or talk about an event that happened in a story from Conan Doyle's canon. Answer three or more of the following discussion questions:. Did you find it exciting? Why or why not?

Sherlock Holmes Quiz - Tim Symonds – Writer of Sherlock Holmes Novels

What red herrings did Conan Doyle employ? Did you solve the mystery before Sherlock Holmes explained the clues to Dr. If so, which clues do you think "gave it away"? In which ways did initial meeting of Dr. But does Holmes really tell Watson the truth about his faults or bad habits? What has he omitted? Do you think he has not mentioned a habit that Dr. Watson might find objectionable because he forgot about it, or because he thinks it isn't important?

Early in their relationship, Dr. Forget your prior impressions of Sherlock Holmes from prior reading, movies, TV, etc. At what point in the short novel do you find yourself enjoying Sherlock Holmes' company, comments, and observations? Did you find yourself liking him as a person early in the book or is he an acquired taste? Describe the events or conversations in the book when you found yourself first appreciating the eccentric but intriguing Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes Quiz

Do you think that modern 21st Century newspapers and other media have such conflicting points of view? In the middle of Chapter 6 of Part 1, "Sherlock Holmes gave a sigh of relief and relaxed into a smile" Why is he so pleased with Gregson's arrest of Arthur Charpentier?

What’s the Mystery/Problem Here?

What does his attitude say about Sherlock's personality? Chapters of Part 2 [The Country of the Saints] are controversial. What is your reaction? Do you think that removing this book from a school's curriculum for its portrayal of the Mormon religion is deserved? Explain why or why not. What about Stangerson's death? Does Hope's explanation of self-defense if true make Stangerson's death less a murder? Do you think a 19th Century jury would have any sympathy for Jefferson Hope had his case come to trial? Watson, the author.

Watson explains why he plans to write about the events surrounding Drebber's and Stangerson's death for publication. Prior to this, is there any indication that Dr. Watson is considering a career as a writer in addition to his career as a physician?

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Is there any indication that Dr. Explain your response. Create your own discussion question and post in the Student-Initiated Question Forum. This course requires a properly maintained computer with high-speed internet access and an up-to-date web browser such as Chrome or Firefox. The student must be able to communicate with the instructor via email.

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