Edgar Cayces Diet Plan for Optimal Health and Weight Loss

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Weight loss is a question of eating more of the right foods and far less-ideally none-of the wrong foods. Some foods clog up the digestive and lymphatic systems and thereby hinder our efforts to shed extra pounds. Other foods promote healthy metabolic function and thereby aid weight loss.

Some foods even increase our ability to burn fat-these are referred to as thermogenic foods. We also know that people have different nutritional requirements based on individual biochemistry and metabolism. These are genetically predisposed, as well as influenced by past food choices, the environment we live in, the type of work we do, when and how well we sleep, and other aspects of our lifestyle. We will discuss each of these later in the book. In the Cayce readings, the two major nutritional considerations for achieving weight loss are the recommendation to curtail starches in the diet and the suggestion to drink grape juice, diluted with water, before each meal and before retiring at night.

The readings indicate that grape juice, taken in this manner, will reduce the desire for starches and sweets, as well as balance glandular activity related to digestion. Working with these two recommendations sounds like a simple recipe for balancing weight, and anyone interested in losing weight would certainly be wise to implement them. However, considering that starches typically form such a large portion of many diets today, it is important for us to know what the best foods are to replace those starches-in other words, we need to reinvent our diet.

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That is why, throughout this book, we will consider the principles of a healthy diet, combining the guidelines from the readings with current scientific research. Cayce diet keeping the body alkaline The recommendation to keep the body alkaline is a recurrent theme in the Edgar Cayce readings, and it is suggested that one of the ways we can achieve this is by centering the diet around alkaline-forming vegetables and fruits.

Edgar Cayce's Diet Plan for Optimal Health and Weight Loss by Simone Gabbay (2007, Paperback)

We are advised that we can improve metabolic function, maintain a high state of health, and prevent colds, infections, and other illnesses by maintaining the body in an alkaline state. Reading says, Be mindful that the diet is such that it keeps. Today, more than half a century after the sleeping Cayce admonished that acidic conditions predispose the body to ill health, the notion of.

The pH scale is applied to measure acidity or alkalinity of body fluids. Its values range from 0 to 14, acid to alkaline, with 7 being neutral. For optimal health and metabolic function, most body fluids must be slightly alkaline. Blood should be at or near a pH of 7. Whenever the scale tips, the body mobilizes a special buffering system and draws on its alkaline reserve, consisting of mineral stores, to neutralize acidity.

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However, the minerals in the alkaline reserve must be replenished regularly through food. An alkaline-forming diet is therefore important. All foods, after being metabolized, leave either acid- or alkalineforming elements in the body. Alkalizing foods are those which supply predominantly alkaline-forming minerals such as calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and manganese. Most vegetables and fruits are in this category. Acidifying foods supply predominantly acidforming minerals like copper, iodine, phosphorus, sulfur, and silicon.

Meats, grains, and most fats and dairy products belong in this group. Many charts have been published that list foods in the acid and alkaline categories. If we consult different ones, we are likely to find numerous discrepancies, partly due to differing research criteria or to actual variations of mineral values in foods, depending on where these foods are grown and whether or not they are refined.

For instance, whole grains are less acid-forming than refined grains, from which the nutrient-rich germ and bran have been stripped away. Freshly picked, sun-ripened vegetables and fruits grown in organic soil are higher in alkaline-forming minerals than those grown in chemically imbalanced soil and harvested prematurely. The best way to achieve an 80 percent alkaline-forming diet, as recommended by Cayce, is to build our meals around fresh vegetables and fruits, with smaller proportions of cereals, dairy, and meat than are typically featured in the North American diet.

Ideally, all foods should be organically grown, whole, and unrefined, so that we can benefit from. Most herbs including herbal teas , spices, and food-based nutritional supplements, such as green-food concentrates, are alkaline-forming. Freshly extracted vegetable and fruit juices are highly alkalizing. I have often witnessed someone who felt weak and exhausted perk up and feel better within half an hour of drinking a large glass of fresh vegetable juice.

Hot broths made from vegetables or chicken bones, as well as miso soup, are high in alkalizing minerals and have a similar effect. Avoid fried foods, processed foods, and foods high in refined starches and sugars, which are highly acid-forming and rob the body of nutrients when they are metabolized. Alcohol, nicotine, and pharmaceutical drugs are also acid-forming.

If tolerated, a small glass of red wine per day has medicinal value, but alcoholic beverages in excess upset the bodys acidalkaline balance. In addition to diet, lifestyle factors influence the bodys pH balance. Stress, noise, environmental pollution, and lack of sleep and exercise all create acid conditions and ultimately disease.

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Prayer and meditation, restful sleep, and aerobic exercise such as walking, which pumps alkaline-forming oxygen into the body, are alkalizing and thus healing. Deep, abdominal breathing exercises are also recommended. An easy way to test your pH balance is to use pH paper, or litmus paper, which is available at many health food stores and some drugstores.

To test the pH of saliva, wet the end of the paper in your mouth and, within seconds, watch the paper change its color. You will then be able to compare the color with samples shown on a color scale that indicates the matching pH level.

You can test your pH level at any time throughout the day, but you will get your most accurate values first thing in the morning. Test your values several days in a row. If your results consistently indicate a level below 6. To order this and other Cayce products mentioned in this book, visit baar. Five principles of healthy eating As we have seen, the Cayce dietary guidelines do not offer dogma. Rather, they show us how we can meet the nutritional needs of the physical body in the most efficient and effective way.

Combining the information from the readings with current nutritional research, which increasingly substantiates Cayce, we can identify the following five principles of optimal nutrition: 1. Indulge in water. Favor veggies and fruits. Prioritize for protein. Keep starches in check. Banish fake fats.

Brief and to the point, these guidelines are easy to remember.

Edgar Cayce's Diet Plan for Optimal Health and Weight Loss

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Shena L. Marcie Gownley Callaghan. Being a developing medium it was certainly where I needed to be. I have food addictions and currently am suffering some health issues. I know what to do. I have been studying alkaline diets for over a year. I just can't seem to be able to apply it. I need to get through the mental block. I go to OA to get support. I know what to eat, I just don't put it in my mouth.

I am 65 lbs overweight. It is so frustrating. See more. Yvonne Balcer. Information about Page Insights data. Dandelion root extract found to kill leukemia cells, prostate cancer cells and chemo-resistant Dandelion root extract found to kill leukemia cells, prostate cancer cells and chemo-resistant melanoma. Newest study reinforces the prostate-cancer fighting abilities of a tomato-rich diet. Edgar Cayce Diet and Health shared a photo.

Unfortunately, this type of situation is not uncommon.

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