Continuations 2 (Robert Kroetsch Series)

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And so it went on, through the next ten years: poets from everywhere in Canada, from B. Some were very intellectually demanding like Tim Lilburn and David Solway ; some were aiming at a more popular audience Lorna Crozier and Molly Peacock, for instance. Some were serious, some funny; some political, some personal, some both at once.

Continuations 2

Poetry is alive and well in Canada, and has lots to say! Not surprisingly, there has been particular benefit for students in our Creative Writing courses: some of the visiting poets have generously offered our students help and advice—links to publishers, graduate programs, and other reading series, and critique on an individual basis to these budding poets at Redeemer. And so it is with wholehearted affirmation that we look forward to the continuation of this series as a fruitful partnership with HPC and the Canada Council for the Arts for many years to come. Home Apply Visit Give Resound.

Twelve years of Canada Council Poetry Readings.

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You might also like. Congratulations, Class of ! I have always found my books to be incomplete, small flawed gestures towards something so much larger.

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But that makes political sense to me too, for what people have struggled for so long is always something larger than the small moments of resistance that are engaged in in the here and now. This has to be so—otherwise all these defeats do not amount to anything.

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SC: I think these experiences, in the long run, have simply clarified and sharpened what was already going on in my writing. Because art alone is never enough. The fact that corporations and the state care enough about poetry to bring it into a courtroom, or to busy themselves reviling a poet, has been pretty instructive.

SC: I think different readers comment on different things. To be read means to be in conversation.

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We call everything from T. Life-long poems typically take decades to write, and are typically published serially, as multi-volume projects.

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Thus they implicate a certain degree of commitment —from their authors, but also from their publishers, and even readers—as well as engaging the work and its participants in a process of deferral : the poem one reads, piece-meal, is understood as provisional , incomplete in its particular manifestation, with more of it to come—even possibly its hypothetical completion—in future manifestations. This morning, these words, this page: about sound, a collect of vowels and consonants.

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That echo, the train on the tracks. The shape of things, across, down, the line.

An image. Some emanation, signal—. Excited to have new work from thecanadaproject be featured in a special issue of Canadian Social Studies , an indexed, refereed journal published quarterly online at the University of Alberta:.