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Welcome to New Zealand! Before you set off, be sure to stay a night in your arrival city to ensure you are well rested after your flight. About to set off on your New Zealand driving adventure? Follow these tips on summer driving in New Zealand. Plan your adventure and you'll be amazed where the road leads you.

Follow our itineraries or plan your own. We are Texas approved driving school who are provide classroom instruction and in-car lessons. But in Drive Safe Driving school you can schedule your road test in the same day and if you are success in the test, you can get the certificate at the same day. Moreover, we provide multiple languages for taking road test. Anyone who has the required documents are welcome to test with us we have special pricing.

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No more long waits at the DPS. Cashback comes in the form of an Interac e-Transfer sent to your email address. Cashback is delivered via Interac e-Transfer. Cashback rewards are currently only available to people who are primary drivers on a car insurance policy with Onlia. Sign in to your Onlia insurance account and select your car insurance policy. In the Drivers section, under the primary driver, choose View details. Then add your phone number to the Onlia Sense section.

The phone number you add must be the same as the one you use for Onlia Sense. Your Onlia Sense trip data and driving score has no connection to your Onlia insurance premium, and will never be used to influence the rate you pay.

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To be eligible for Cashback with Onia Roadside Assistance, you must order roadside service using the same phone number associated with your Onlia Sense account. Once you become eligible for Cashback, you can earn it in the same month that you purchase roadside assistance.

To get Cashback, you need to end the month with the specified star rating. Go to the Rewards tab to see all available badges and perks. Simply go to Settings and enable Push notifications. Just go to your app Settings , and under the Partner perks section, select the program you want to opt out of.

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The app runs in the background while you use your phone. Each trip you take is scored out of Your score is based on how well you perform in these 5 categories:.

Please Drive Safely and Defensively

Using these factors, Onlia Sense determines how your driving behaviour decreases, or increases, the likelihood of getting into a collision while on the road. Simply put, the safer you drive, the higher your score is. Acceleration, Braking and Cornering measure how smoothly you drive and steer during your trip. Speed measures how well you stick to road speed limits. Contextual accounts for the risk of driving on a particular road type urban street, rural road, highway and being on the road during certain times of day. Along with these 5 factors, the app also monitors distracted driving which is defined as how long, and to what degree, your mobile phone is used while driving.

Not touching your phone at all is considered a totally distraction-free trip. Any time you drive at least 0. Trip detection is based on changes to your location, speed, and motion. In the Trips tab, select a trip to see the details of how and where your score was affected. Click on the map to zoom in and see more details about each area!

Here are some pro tips: Speed: Stay within the speed limit. Braking: Look ahead so you can anticipate the need to slow down, and apply your brakes smoothly. Acceleration: Smooth and constant acceleration is key! Contextual: Avoid driving between midnight and 5 am. Where possible, choose highway routes with high visibility, avoid routes with many intersections and riskier urban environments. Distracted driving is logged by detecting any movement to the phone. The app senses that the phone is being used; for communication like talking or texting , but also for browsing like in a drive-thru or when your car is idling.

This is done by detecting movement of the phone. This might even mean hitting a big pothole.

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When driving with Onlia Sense, we suggest keeping your phone in a car phone holder or in a secure place to get the most accurate trip assessment. The goal of Onlia Sense is to help people drive safer and reward them for doing so; we'll never penalize you for making mistakes. To mark a trip as a passenger, go to Trip details and select the button at the bottom of the screen to set the trip as a passenger.

Trip start detection may sometimes take some time to detect if the GPS signal is weak or the driver starts a trip slowly. As a result, the actual travel distance and duration may not match the mapped route. Additionally, some trips are reconstructed based on whether the start location is within 1 km of a previously taken trip end location.

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For example, when you pulled over for a minute to drop off a friend. In a scenario like this, the app will attempt to reconstruct the route to show where the trip actually started rather than when you started driving again. This should help. Want to be sure that the app has stopped recording? Go to Settings , select Push notifications and make sure trip start and new score available are enabled. The app is designed to detect phone usage and log it as a distraction. The idea was that it would do so by detecting movement to the phone, but we have noticed that people using Siri, Bluetooth or any other form of car connectivity can have instances of distraction logged.

This is something we are working on, and hopefully we'll have it resolved soon. With any new technology it takes a little bit of time to get the recipe just right - we appreciate your patience while we get there! Select the My Account tab in the app and select your name. You can make changes to your details here. Use the Settings tab to change navigation routing and push notification settings.

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